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In this era of advancing internet and media communication, and with the prevalent signs of the Lord’s second coming which cannot be ignored, I believe, that it is an unprecedented period in time for us to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, let us make use of every media to reach the people with the Good News of the Gospel and to equip and edify the Church to stand up for the fulfillment of the great commission. We have all witnessed a drastic rise in the use of various media platforms to preach the Gospel during these decades. It is due time for us to advance without slowing or ceasing

“Menorah Radio” is, a Complete Christian Internet Radio, established with an aim to reach the people with the Love of Christ. It is a non-commercial endeavor which aims to convey the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ to the suffering world.

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Any form of creative audio productions that would convey the Gospel, Edify the Church and benefit the people may be added to our list. We are inviting such audio productions for broadcasting from ministries, pastors, Churches, institutions, production companies, individuals etc.

Menorah Radio opens up a multi linguistic (English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam) online platform for
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